Does an Acknowledgement of Paternity Mean a Child is Legitimated?

No, the acknowledgement of paternity form does not mean a child is legitimated under Georgia law. Unwed parents often mistakenly believe that the father gains custodial rights to the child by signing the acknowledgement of paternity and having the father’s name included on the birth certificate. By itself, an acknowledgement of paternity does not entitle […]

Premarital Cohabitation Can be Considered When Determining Alimony

In Georgia, the determination of the amount of alimony or spousal support awarded to a party is within the sole discretion of the fact finder. Unlike child support, there is no mathematical formula to calculate the amount of alimony a party may be entitled to. What that means is when calculating alimony, a fact finder […]

LawCall: Steps to Legitimize a Child in Georgia

What steps does someone need to take to legitimize or legitimate their child in Georgia? Generally, it would be a father filing to have a child legitimized or legitimated. The father, if he was not married to or did not subsequently marry the mother of his child, then he would file an action for legitimation. In […]

Types of Child Custody: Legal and Physical

“Me and my ex share custody. We live close. So, it’s been easy. But, I’m looking at a job in Atlanta. He says moving would violate our arrangement and I can’t take the job. Is that true?” To answer that question, I really need a little more information. But, in general it would depend on […]

Family Law Advice: Why Parents Need a Will

Do you have children? If you answered yes, then you probably spend countless hours each day caring for them, cleaning their clothes, making sure they are well fed, transporting them to school and other extracurricular activities such as baseball practice or ballet. However, one of the most important things you can do for your children, […]

LAW CALL RECALL: Legitimation and Custody

Attorney Ashley M. Brodie recently appeared as a guest host on the popular Macon television show, Law Call. Airing every Sunday evening at 11:35 p.m. on channel 13WMAZ, Law Call is a live television program where callers call in to have their legal questions answered. Ashley has appeared several times as a guest host, answering […]

Firearms Restrictions: Misdemeanor Family Violence Crimes in Georgia

The 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms, is always a topic of conversation. Although the right to bear arms is embedded in the United States Constitution, your right to bear arms is not unlimited and can be taken away from you. Many people mistakenly believe only a felony criminal conviction can cause you to […]

FAQ: Paternity and Legitimation

What is the difference between paternity and legitimation in Georgia? Georgia law establishes two different levels of the relationship between a father and a child born out of wedlock: paternity and legitimation. Paternity establishes who the biological father of the child is, and obligates the father to pay child support. Legitimation goes one step forward […]