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LawCall: The Difference Between Child Custody and Adoption

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What is the difference between child custody and adoption?

Custody does not sever either parent’s parental rights to the child. If a father filed to seek custody, primary or physical custody, of the child, the mother or other parent would still have custody rights to the child such as visitation, etc.

Adoption actually severs the parents ties to a child altogether. It terminates the parent’s rights. No longer will a parent have ANY rights such as custody or visitation.

Now, where there is a third party adopting a child – that will terminate both the mother and the father’s rights.

For example: say you have a step-parent or a step-father adopting a child – then you would severing or terminating the biological father’s rights to the child.

So, there is a big difference between custody and adoption. Adoption severs a parents ties to the child altogether. They no longer have any financial obligations to the child, no rights to see the child, no rights to stay in touch with the child, etc.

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