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Family Law Attorney Serving Forsyth, GA

Family law encompasses a wide variety of domestic related issues or practice areas such as adoption, divorce – both uncontested and contested divorce, child custody, paternity and legitimation. Family law cases are multifaceted and will typically involve more than one domestic related issue.

For example:

A paternity case to establish the biological father of a child will usually also involve issues of child support, where the father is ordered to pay monthly child support that is based on his income. Additionally, legitimation and child custody can also be brought up in paternity actions where the father is seeking to establish legal rights to his child, visitation or other custody rights.

When dealing with family law cases it is important to consult with or hire an attorney who has experience and knowledge to effectively navigate through all the potential issues. The family law attorneys at the Brodie Law Group have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your family law case is handled right.

Divorce Help When You Need It

Divorce is tough. No one ever anticipates filing for divorce or needing a divorce lawyer to represent them in a courtroom battle with their soon to be ex-spouse. The divorce lawyers at the Brodie Law Group understand this and work to guide you through the divorce process, step by step.

While it is important to have a divorce lawyer who is experienced, it is also important to have an advocate who is compassionate and understanding during this tumultuous time. The Brodie Law Group realizes how divorce can turn your life upside down both emotionally and financially. The lawyers and staff also recognize how the impact divorce can have on your life socially. Providing a helping hand during this difficult time, the Brodie Law Group works to ensure their client’s cases are handled professionally and competently so their clients can concentrate on moving forward.

The lawyers at the Brodie Law Group and supporting legal team is experienced in all aspects of divorce which include:

  • Contested divorce
  • Uncontested divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Marital property division
  • Spousal support or alimony

Divorce Lawyer Serving Forsyth & Monroe County

Contact the Brodie Law Group team of family attorneys at (478) 239-2780 if you live in Forsyth, GA or Monroe County and have legal issues involving family law. If you are considering divorce and want to explore your options then call us or fill out the contact form to schedule a confidential consultation.

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