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Types of Child Custody: Legal and Physical

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“Me and my ex share custody. We live close. So, it’s been easy. But, I’m looking at a job in Atlanta. He says moving would violate our arrangement and I can’t take the job. Is that true?”

To answer that question, I really need a little more information. But, in general it would depend on what the terms of the agreement are.

You say that you share custody, however that can mean a lot of things. In Georgia, there are two types of child custody: legal custody and physical custody.

With legal custody, a lot of times parents have joint or shared legal custody. That gives you both equal rights to….for records, personnel type of things. To talk with your child’s teachers, doctors and things of that nature.

Physical custody is who your child is physically with and what amount of time. If you have shared physical custody, or joint physical custody, where your child is with your ex a week and you a week and it rotates back and forth. If you take a job where it interferes with your ex-husband’s custody rights then that would be problem. You can’t do anything that would interfere with the other party’s rights.

So if you are taking a job out of town where it is going to require you to move, or your child to change schools, then you are going to have to file a modification of that divorce decree or that child custody decree.

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