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Divorce & Family Law in Warner Robins

Our Houston County divorce lawyers are experienced in handling divorces and other family law matters in Houston County such as: 

  • Military Divorce
  • Divorce Modifications
  • Child Custody Modifications
  • Paternity
  • Legitimation
  • Child Support

Military Divorce Lawyer

Warner Robins and Houston County are unique to the metro Macon area due to having a major military installation, Robins Air Force Base, located adjacent to the city of Warner Robins.

Our military service members hold stressful jobs which sometimes leads to the unfortunate prospect of divorce, resulting in child custody issues, or other family law issues. The fact is that those serving in the military may actually face higher rates of divorce due to the stresses of their day to day job and being away from home for long stretches of time while on deployment.

Unlike a “normal” divorce, special challenges arise when military service members file for divorce.

It’s not uncommon for active duty military members and their spouses and families to be permanent residents of another state than which they are currently stationed in. Those military members on active duty may only reside at their current duty station for a short period of time with the intention of returning to their home state once their military service commitment is over.

Georgia Divorce Law for Military Members

Georgia law allows military service members and their spouses to file for divorce in Georgia if they have lived in Georgia for six months or if Georgia was the last domicile of the marriage. This time period is extended to 1 year for any person residing on a military base in Georgia. A nonresident of Georgia may file for divorce if the other spouse has been a resident of Georgia for 6 months.

Georgia Divorce Law for Retired Military Members

Military divorce laws don’t just affect those currently serving, but also may affect those individuals who are retired and drawing a military pension and healthcare. Common questions to consider are as follows:

  • I have been married to my spouse for a number of years. He will be retiring soon. Am I entitled to a portion of his military retirement even though he hasn’t started receiving it yet?
  • My husband is retired and currently receives retirement from the military. He, along with myself, also receives healthcare through the military. If I divorce him, will I be able to receive a portion of his retirement of his retirement and still have access to health care through the military?

Divorce Lawyer Serving Warner Robins and Houston County

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